Organizational Analysis: IBS Logistics Services LTD

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IBS is a leading global provider of new generation IT solutions to the Travel, Transportation and Logistics industries. A specialist in the domain, IBS offers a range of products and services that manage mission critical operations of airlines, airports, cruise lines, hospitality partners, tour operators and oil & gas companies that help them increase safety, maximize efficiency, improve revenue, manage growth and reduce costs.
IBS Mission
To be a leading supplier of IT solutions and services for the Travel, Transportation and Logistics industry sectors delivering outstanding value and service
Core purpose
Redefining Businesses
Core values
• Commitment
• Integrity
• Passion
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• IBS is a company Operating around 50 Countries all over the world, thus Operating at the edge of regulations at the international level is yet another regulation faced by the company.
They are handling it by,
• The Person Looking after the Legal matters of IBS will continuously scan the legislation framework to find the legislations and provides inputs to various functions for compliance with the regulatory environment.
• The functions within IBS follow the statutory legislations using the IT systems wherever necessary. In case the function has specific requirements from IT to comply with some regulatory environment, ITIS department would take this on priority and ensure compliance.
• Legal Department of the IBS will maintain a comprehensive list of all the applicable law and shall be the custodian for the same. E.g. IT Act 2000. & IPR

The Organization market itself mainly through
Digital and Social Marketing-Enhanced presences in the Digital and Social Media through
• Corporate
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