Organizational Analysis : My Experience

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Organizational Analysis – My Experience I had the opportunity to shadow the nurse educator at Memorial Hermann NE (North East). Yvy Llambles, BSN, RN is the Primary Nurse Educator for Memorial Herman North East, Emergency Department (ED). Yvy, as she likes to be called, has the educational responsibilities of overseeing orientation for all departments in the Memorial Hermann North East location. In addition to her overall role as an Educator, Yvy is the Nurse Educator for all Registered Nurses, along with techs within the Emergency Department. The time I spent with Yvy, I had the opportunity to observe Yvy, in her role as nurse educator and was able to see how effective she is as a nurse leader with in the department.
Yvy Lambles BSN, RN an Education Resources Specialist III, seems to fit into several leadership styles, the dominating style is quantum leadership due to her high level of the interpersonal relationship building. Quantum Leadership is demanding of diverse and creative thinking with employees being directly involved in decision making and held to high standards of accountability (Sullivan, 2012. p. 42). This leadership style is demonstrated by Yvy one, individualizing preceptor ship and orientation for new ER nurse employees and two, requiring the employee to maintain their own preceptor and orientation records until final review. Yvy customizes each ER orientation by individualizing the amount of time a new ER nurse stays on orientation,
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