Organizational Analysis Of Centerforce, A Non.

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ORGANIZATIONAL ANALYSIS OF CENTERFORCE 1 Abstract Centerforce, a non - profit operating since 1976, was analyzed in terms of how the following affects the outputs and success or failure of the organization: interactions between staff, process of strategy development and implementation, organizational culture, leadership and motivational approaches, and style of leadership of individual teams. Two current program managers and three current staff members were interviewed about the organization during one on one meetings. Centerforce was found to be an organization with great assets in the commitment of its staff, the support they provide to each other, and its long history. The current financial insecurity of the organization combin ed with…show more content…
· Evaluate and share innovative best program practices. · Collaborate with key stakeholders, including those involved in corrections, to achieve our goals. ORGANIZATIONAL ANALYSIS OF CENTERFORCE 6 cards and flowers at the office. The staff person immediately wrote a letter to him clearly stating that the nature of their relationship was a professional one, what services she had agreed to provide, and that he must cease sending her any letters or other correspondence. To reinforce these boundaries, staff is careful in all interactions to have professional body language with their clients, never hugging or touching them. A lso, they do not share any personal information about themselves with the clients. Maintaining positive , professional relationship s with the on the ground correctional staff is extremely important for CF to be able to continue to be allowed to provide services in the prisons and jails. While in the prisons and jails, staff must never argue with officers, always follow what they request of them, and respond respectfully and professionall y to any
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