Organizational Analysis

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Organizational analysis Hospital AB and Health Center is a community based acute care general hospital. The hospital is proactive in seeking methods to identify and provide all sources of community benefit and charity care. The mission of the hospital as stated in administrative service manual policy 726 (2005) is “With caring and compassion, we will improve the health and quality of life of the people we service.” The purpose of existence of the hospital is the commitment to patients and community to first understand their needs, second to provide services that meet these needs; and third, the recognition that service and clinical excellence are only achieved if they are delivered with caring and compassion.…show more content…
In 2005, hospital received the international recognition as a baby friendly birth facility from the World Health Organization (unknown author, 2007). The hospital is eligible to participate in Medicare and Medic aid and is in compliant with the program requirements. Since the hospital is a community based acute care hospital, there are numerous subunits. Under the president of Hospital AB and Health Center, the total organization is divided into seven major units which are controlled by seven senior vice presidents. Each unit under the senior vice president is further subdivided into sub units according to the services being provided. The hospital has a distinct subunit configuration for the nursing departments. Each unit is under either a vice president or a director. The major subunits are perioperative services, nursing practice and education, behavior health services, heart center, out patient women services and perinatal clinic, inpatient women services and pharmacy. Each of these major subunits is further subdivided based on the services being provided. The senior vice president for all these units also oversees the programs for patient safety, patient satisfaction and joint commission accreditation. The departments of imaging services, rehabilitation services, cancer center, breast center and quality management comes under another senior vice president (unknown author, 2005). An interview was conducted with
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