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The creation of a better health care system has been one of the key drivers of change in the American social, economic and political reform agenda. Quality health care to al citizens has been a piped dream for many. In this paper we presents an analysis of the effectiveness of United Healthcare in the provision of quality health care. Our focus is on its environmental analysis with the aim of isolating the genesis of the problems related to poor ergonomics.
An overview of the company
United Healthcare is a division of the largest single health carrier in the US called UnitedHealth Group. The company is recognized as a leader in the “well-being” and health industry (UHC,2011a) and its strives to improve the level of
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The overdependence on the American market exposes the company to various risks due to the various fluctuations and uncertainty in the economic landscape.
The company has an opportunity of engaging in geographic expansion. The company lacks geographic presence in most counties and therefore this offers a growth opportunity. The company can expand its business portfolio in the emerging markets in Asia (China and India), Russia as well as India.
The company can also engage in mergers and acquisitions in a bid to form strategic partnerships with various other companies. This would give it a lot of competitive advantage over its many competitors.
The company also has very little online presence, a fact which derives its of the much needed advertisement and general exposure to the potential client base. It can therefore engage e-commerce and e-marketing strategies.
The company is also increasing its market share continuously through mergers and acquisitions. These lead to synergetic advantages. The modified portfolio makes it to be better equipped to serve the people.
The US Insurance market is very competitive. This is due to the large number of players who participates in the market. Its main competitors include WellPOint, Aetna,Humana, Cigna, Health Net,Coventry Health Care, Amerigroup, Universal American and Centene (Hoovers, 2011).
The other threat to the operations of the company is the recent
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