Organizational Analysis: The Royal Agricultural Society

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In other words, the organization intends to improve the quality standards of the country's agricultural sector. These events that the organization focuses on are represented by different competitions between producers.
These competitions are important and significantly influence the development of the agricultural sector. They also have commercial effects. This is because the winners of such competitions are highly valued and this helps them increase their sales. The organization also focuses on the education on agricultural issues. The Royal Agricultural Society wants children to understand how milk, wool, and other goods are produced. It is important that children understand these issues, because it also increases their interest in agriculture.
The most important objectives of the Royal Agricultural Society are represented by improving quality standards of agricultural producers, and helping them increase the business (Royal Agricultural Society, 2012). The managers of this organization consider that these objectives can be reached through developing a series of competitions between producers and by improving people's education. However, the society is also interested in the profits that it can produce. The Royal Agricultural Society considers this as contribution. The organization intends to…
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