Organizational Analysis of Dept of Human Services

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Organizational Analysis: Department of Human Services Francine Jackson Wayne State University Official and Operative Goals of the Organization Department of Human Services (DHS) is a human service organization meant to help individuals and families with temporary services in their time of need. The mission statement is: “Improving the quality of life in Michigan by providing services to vulnerable children and adults that will strengthen the community and enable families and individuals to move toward independence.” ( DHS provides an array of services to individuals and families, these include: food assistance, cash assistance, health care assistance, children services, adult services, and many more. Since there are…show more content…
Families’ needs involve treating families with dignity and respect, no matter what the allegations against them are, and including them in decisions that affect them and their children. Also by using a strengths perspective with families as foster care workers work with them to determining intervention plans for their child(ren), and giving them the same access to resources and services s those available to foster parents. The operative goal of communities is to work with communities to protect children and support families and taking into consideration community safety issues when determining the intervention plan for a child and family. When discussing placement, DHS acknowledges and supports the idea that children’s best place is in their own home with their family. When this isn’t possible, siblings are placed together (whenever possible) and placed in the most family like and least restrictive setting. Placement with the non-custodial parent or extended family, is considered first, and then next would be placement with a foster family so the child(ren) can retain as much normalcy as they can and stay in his or her school and maintain relationships with friends and family. When it is not possible or appropriate to place the child with siblings or relatives, foster care must make every effort to make sure that those relationships are preserved and nurtured. Next, we have reunification

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