Organizational And Employee Culture Through The Great Game Of Life

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Organizational change can bring about huge benefits for an organization, the employees and the consumers. However, it can also generate fear, discomfort and stress (Barret, 2005). Change requires exploration, making advances toward a new, uncertain future, and so leaders must prepare their employees to take the leap into the unknown with them. In order to do this there needs to be a culture of commitment, cooperation and vision. The aim of this paper is to look at the efforts made by Simmons to encourage such a culture among its employees through The Great Game of Life (GGOL). The objective of GGOL will be identified and the decision to implement such a program will be discussed. Particular focus will be placed on the steps toward implementation and the potential effects of the program on the organizational and employee culture will be identified. The Great Game of Life. The GGOL was the brain-child of Larry Wilson, founder of the Wilson Learning Corporation (Casciaro and Edmondson, 2007). The premise of the program is that a profitable organization will show growth as a result of satisfied customers, an engaged workforce and a leadership team that fosters a culture of empowerment. The program attacks employee engagement at the individual level. Each person that participates in GGOL is challenged to drive organizational change by first driving their own individual change. It encourages a team approach to complete physical tasks, some of which are extremely challenging to the

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