Organizational And Numerical Methods Of Management

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Once of the most important activity for humans is managing. It has existed from the begining of the time when the social organisations were formed to achieve the aims and objectives which could not have been accomplished by the individuals, managing has been an essential part to ensure coordination of individual efforts. As the society continously rely on group efforts and the organisation groups become larger, the task of managers have become more complex and demanding. Henceforth, managerial theories have become crucial in the way complex organisations .are managed.Three of the most recognised management theories are Quantative approch, systemic approch, Contingency approach.
Quantative approch:
Quantitative methods to manage the integration of many of the analytical and numerical techniques to management. The goal is to have the information can be inserted to provide the best answers to common management issues specific formula.

System approch: System approach to management views the organisation as a unified,puropsefull system composed of interrelated parts.This approach also gives the managaer to the organisationas a wholeand as part of the large external enviornment.This approch focus on systems that when put together forms a whole unit.
Contingency aproach: This approach believes that there is no one system in managing the organisation. It plans to deal with the issues when they arise.
These are the approaches used by the modern…
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