Organizational Assessment

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Needs Assessment To Enhance Technology In The Organization The Institute of Medicine (IOM) introduced five core competencies for healthcare professionals, to improve the United States healthcare system: provide patient-centered care, work in interdisciplinary teams, employ evidence-based practice, apply quality improvement, and utilize informatics (Institute of Medicine of the National Academies, 2003). IOM insists that should all five competencies are met, quality patient care can be achieved. Thus, healthcare organizations need to continually seek quality improvement in order to enhance patient care. The organization need to revamp their current charting system, in order to improve patient care.
Perceived Needs for Improvement The
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This has lead to orders not being enter correctly or being missed all together. Resulting in inadequate patient care that can be prevented should the providers have access to the system and enter orders themselves. Keller (2016) wrote that verbal orders can often be misconstrue and enter incorrectly due to multiple distractions. Further legibility is a frequent issue with written orders. As with verbal orders, illegible written orders can lead to medical errors. Another issue with utilizing EMR is that it is not accessible by other facilities and can only be access within the center it is being used. With the organization having centers across the United States, visitors from other facilities is common due to vacations, missed treatments, or patients needing an extra treatment. At this time, should there be a visitor either the facility administrator or the administrative assistance would have to transfer the patient out of Reggie from their primary clinic and have their current orders, vaccinations, and treatment history faxed over. Once the information is received, it then need to be manually enter into the system. Again, this process has lead to information not being entered correctly and patients being put on the wrong prescription and wrong medications being administered or not being given at all. As a healthcare organization that focuses on continuous improvement it is time they consider adopting a new electronic record system in order to enhance patient
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