Organizational Assessment : Maternity Care Coalition

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Organizational Assessment
Maternity Care Coalition (MCC) is a non-profit organization, which works with pregnant women and families’ with children from birth to three. MCC was founded in 1980 in an attempt to decrease the rate of infant mortality and to improve maternal health. MCCs’ various home-visiting programs provide health education and resources for housing, education and emergency supplies. Although MCC has several home visiting programs, including three Early Head Start programs in South Philadelphia, Norristown and Pottstown. For the purposes of this paper I will focus on the Early Head Start (EHS) program located in South Philadelphia.
At the South Philadelphia Early Head Start site, three program options serve families at
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Over the last year, several individuals have left the company or have had role changes, which may contribute to the blurred lines when it comes to who is responsible for whom and who should perform certain job tasks. For example, the present site director was promoted from the education coordinator. The parent involvement associate and home base supervisor was demoted from her position as site director. While the education coordinator is now the site director, the former site director appears to still have all the power and control. Most people at the office believe that the former site director is a puppet master and that all of the decisions that the current site director makes are at the request of the former site director. This creates confusion about who is responsible for whom and who should preform what job tasks.
Effective communication is a vital component in any organization and it is essential to ensuring that all staff members are fulfilling their job duties. When there are barriers to communication
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