Organizational Assessment Paper

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Organizational Assessment Paper
Dawn L. Chapple
University of Phoenix
Quality Management and Productivity/ MGT - 449
Bernie Farkas, PMP
April 3, 2008

Organizational Assessment Paper This week’s assignment is about evaluating the quality issues of three organizations. The three sectors I chose to evaluate are manufacturing, service and government. I will then discuss the importance of quality to each organization, the relationship of quality to customers, the leadership commitment to quality and the alignment of quality to the organization’s strategic goals and objectives.
Wyeth Pharmaceuticals (manufacturing) Wyeth Pharmaceuticals is a global manufacturing company with a mission statement, vision, goals and objectives.
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Brief surveys are conducted on a regular basis by the customer service department to ensure quality is consistent throughout the organization. The Federal Drug Administration (FDA) conducts audits of all manufacturing sites to ensure the proper goods manufacturing practices are followed. The FDA also reviews all standard operating procedures (SOPs) relating to product manufacturing and handling. Wyeth Pharmaceuticals leadership is very committed to quality. Wyeth is a global leader in prescription medications. They are committed to growth and developing new medicinal products in their research and development divisions. The mission and vision statements of Wyeth Pharmaceuticals demonstrate the alignment of quality to the organization’s strategic goals and objectives. .” The vision statement is “Our vision is to lead the way to a healthier world. By carrying out this vision at every level of our organization, we will be recognized by our employees, customers and shareholders as the best pharmaceutical company in the world, resulting in value for all.”(, 2008)
Lucky Strike Lanes (service) Lucky Strike Lanes is “America’s first true bowling lounge.” (“Study Finds,” 2008). Lucky Strike Lanes has many locations across the country. Service industry’s quality issues are to meet customer needs while staying economically competitive. Quality in the
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