Organizational Assumptions in Management: Critical Review

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Katz (1975)
The work of Katz (1975) reports that it is known that a critical challenge in the United States is the "selection and training of good administrators" however little exists in the way of agreement about what it precisely is that makes a good administrator. The cause of the difference in opinions on this subject is stated to be "industry's search for the traits or attributes which will objectively identify the 'ideal executive' who is equipped to cope effectively with any problem in any organization." (Katz, 1975, p.19)
There is reported to be an assumption that "there is an executive type" is one that is accepted on a wide basis and this is reported to be "either openly or implicitly." (Katz, 1975, p.19) A top manager must necessarily possess good judgment and the capacity for decision-making and be able to gain the respect of others however, a view of top managers in various organizations reveals that there are a wide range of qualities possessed by these individuals and still the search for the stereotypical executive continues with a focus on specific characteristics and this results in the potential for the loss of a sense of reality or in other words what it is that "a man can accomplish". (Katz, 1975, p.20) Therefore, the focus should be rather than on what comprises a great manager instead it should be on what it is that a great manager actually does.
The assumption is stated in the work of Katz, that a great administrator is an…
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