Organizational Background Of Operations And Process Management

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1.0 Introduction Operations and process management is the backbone of organisations designed to run operational needs, goods and services. Although organisations conduct planning and organisation to operate smoothly, issues arise. This report analyses issues WorkCover Queensland faces with customer relationship management (CRM), focusing on enterprise resource planning (ERP) and how technologies help and hinder the organisation. The report considers capacity management, and terminologies will be defined in line with the organisational background, identified issue, organisation structure and relationship to the issue, issue analysis, and potential improvements and costs. 1.1 Operations and Process Management Defined Operations and process management can be defined as the business functions that work together to manage the creation of organisational goods and services, and involves planning, coordination, organisation and control of all resources including material, technology and people to produce an organisation’s goods and services (Slacks et al 2012, pp. 4-5). 2.0 Organisational Background According to the Corporate Plan 2014-2018 (WorkCover Queensland 2014, p. 1), WorkCover Queensland operates within Queensland, Australia, providing workers and employers with workers’ compensation insurance services. The organisation is government owned and operates under the Workers’ Compensation and Rehabilitation Act 2003. With the vision to provide the best possible benefits and
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