Organizational Behavior : An Interdisciplinary Field Essay

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Organizational behavior is an interdisciplinary field that includes sociology, psychology, communication, and management. (Ribbubs 2014) The academic field of study concerned with human behavior in organizations; also called organizational psychology. It covers topics such as motivation, group dynamics, leadership, organization structure, decision-making, careers, conflict resolution, and organizational development. When this subject is taught in business schools, it is called organizational behavior; when it is taught in psychology departments, it is called organizational psychology. (Reference).

The aim of this diagnosis paper essay analyses the individual basis theoretical area covered by our teacher and Moodle and integrates with my own work experience. Later, I will analyze with the help of conflict management technique that helped me to resolve this issue. Organizational behavior is a concern with the study of the behavior of the people within an organizational setting. It helps to understand predict and to control human behavior. In a working environment, people meet with different ideas and characters. Therefore it is essential to understand how to cooperate with individual personalities to develop team-working skills in different environments. Organizational behavior analyses how people behave as individual and as a member of a group.

Additionally, Spotless is a huge organization, which operates in a different area of businesses with more than
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