Organizational Behavior : An Organization

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The principal task of organizational structure is to encourage people to work hard and coordinate their effort to ensure a high level of organizational performance. To this effect the four key concepts that assistance in achieving the needed performance include understanding the meaning of organizational behavior; individual differences; values, attitudes, and moods and emotions; perception and attribution, and the management of diversity.
Organizational Behavior (OB)
Defining organizational behavior to be a study of behavior in an organization reveals nothing. An organization is known to be a collection of people who work and manage their actions to achieve a wide variety of goals. These goals are what most existing organization try to
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In essence, OB concepts and theories enable people to understand correctly, describe and examine how the attributes of people, groups, work circumstances, and the organization itself influence how members feel about and act within their organization.
Individual differences
The behavior style and ways differ from each member of an organization. Hence, understanding and appreciating how people differ from each other may lead to an efficient working environment. This notion is known as Individual differences, and it is important for managers to acknowledge this fact since individual differences happen to have an impact on the feelings, thoughts and behavior of each member of an organization. The individual difference is perceived to affect job stress, job satisfaction, job performance and leadership. Subsequently, individual differences may be divided into two categories: personality differences and difference in ability. Personality difference is nature determined and in combination with situational factors it may influence feelings, thoughts, and behavior in organizations. However, there exist particular personality trait that may be relevant to organizational behavior. The pattern of relatively enduring ways that a person feels thinks and behaves is termed as personality. Personality is half-determined by nature and half-nurtured over time. It plays a crucial role in determining the
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