Organizational Behavior Analysis Of Davita Dialysis Center

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Organizational Behavior Analysis Brief Description and History of the Organization DaVita Dialysis Center was founded in 1999, with the goal to develop programs to enrich lives. It was originally called Total Renal Care (TRC), but during its restructure it was renamed with the term, DaVita, Italian for “giving life.” CEO, Kent Thiry saved the company from the brink of bankruptcy through his leadership style. The corporate headquarters were originally in El Segundo, California, but were moved to Denver, Colorado. Today, it has grown to be an organization with over 53,000 teammates around the nation. The company has expanded to 2,251 outpatient dialysis centers in the United States and 118 outpatient dialysis centers in 10 foreign countries. It treats patients with acute kidney failure, chronic kidney failure, and end stage renal disease. The company’s core values are accountability, continuous improvement, fulfillment, fun, integrity, service excellence, and team. The core values are integrated in the organization’s vision for leadership to stress collaboration and a team-based environment. Teammates feel an emotional level of trust and mutual commitment. Describe the Organization’s Management/Leadership Theories and Practices Used There is a difference between leadership and management, although they are similar in some ways. While, they both want to achieve common goals, influence people, and work with people, they are different. Managers aim to create consistency and

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