Organizational Behavior Analysis of Pluto Telecommunications

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Organizational Behavior Analysis of Pluto Telecommunications Introduction The telecommunications industry has experienced a number of transformations and restructurings in recent years, and the companies that have survived are faced with a broad range of challenges in their operating environments today. Although every telecommunications corporation is unique in some way, and every operating environment is likewise different, it is possible to discern some organizational behaviors from recent reports of firms competing in this industry, at least in a general fashion. To this end, this paper provides an organizational behavior evaluation of a representative company, "Pluto Telecommunications," including a brief corporate history and overview, an analysis of the company's corporate culture, and a discussion concerning how recent trends in the telecommunications industry will likely affect Pluto Telecommunications in the future. Finally, a summary of the research and important findings are presented in the conclusion. Review and Analysis Corporate History and Overview Founded in 1995 with headquarters in Oklahoma City, Oklahoma, Pluto Telecommunications is a mid-size telecommunications company offering its customers a broad range of solutions for personal, business and educational applications. At present, Pluto Telecommunications has 173 employees remaining after a recent downsizing initiative, an alternative that have been commonplace in the industry in recent years.

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