Organizational Behavior Analysis on Article

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Summary of article:
The article gathers opinions from 15 different entrepreneurs about how to make startup employees happy and motivated. The article suggests 15 ways to do so: 1. Trust the ability of the employee and give them autonomy to complete the task 2. Ask “how are you?” to let employees feel and know they are being heard 3. Giving memorable experience is way better than giving money as an incentive. 4. Flexible working schedule 5. Provide employees with opportunity to learn in order to let them know we care about their long-term success. 6. Let employees to work as a business partner and define their own roles 7. Make them feel they are valuable and is part of the bigger
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Other than our daily 10-minute meeting before noon, our employees can work whenever they’ll be most effective, as long as they communicate their schedules and meet their deadlines. This freedom shows we have faith in our employees, and yields amazing results.”
– Bhavin Parikh, CEO, Magoosh Test Prep
Too cool for school? Think again
“Everyone wants to learn more and improve their skill sets, so one of many favourite ways to keep startup employees happy and motivated is to provide them with opportunities to learn. Whether it’s enabling them to take time to attend an interesting conference or paying for a niche networking event, learning keeps people engaged and shows you care for their long-term personal and professional success.”
– Doreen Bloch, CEO and founder, Poshly Inc.
Freedom in fluidity
“In the startup world, it’s not always about hiring someone to fill a specific role. Rather than defining explicitly what your new hire should be doing, let them act as a partner in the business in defining their role. This allows them to focus on what they’re passionate about, while still contributing what you need for the business.”
– Matt Cheuvront, founder, Proof Branding
Light up that ladder
“Unlike large corporations, startups have the true ability and flexibility to empower their employees and make them feel like they are a part
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