Organizational Behavior And Human Behavior

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Organizational behavior studies the impact of groups, individuals, and structures have on the personal human behavior within many organizations. There is many different definitions of organizational behavior, but they are all relatively the same in all cases. “Organizational behavior studies organizations from multiple viewpoints, including behavior within the organization and in relation to other organizations (” This is not just the study on one organization, but the study within one organization as well as the organization affects other organizations. Organizations can vary in size and all have different outcomes inside the workplace. There are many reasons to study organizational behavior; one of the biggest reasons is to find out what is the best way for a company to operate. If you can pinpoint all of the bad habits a company has and can reverse them, then you will have a better performing company. Everyone company studies their organizational behavior is some way. Calling out an employees and correcting their mistakes is one example. Organizational behavior is only a study on the field and not an actual group within an organization. Almost all actions of an individual can have either a positive or negative affect on a company. Anything from attitude to behavior reflected from the attitudes of people can affect the outcome of a problem. All behavior can have an effect on an organization. There are many different kinds of behavior types. Attitudes are
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