Organizational Behavior And Its Effect On The Employees And Business As A Whole

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When analyzing business issues that many organizations experience daily, it is important to first understand organizational behavior and the effects that it has on the employees and business as a whole. According to Robbins and Judge, organizational behavior investigates the impact that individuals, groups, and structure have on behavior within organizations, for the purpose of implying such knowledge toward improving an organization’s effectiveness (p. 10). For instance, the typical employee is getting older; more and more women and people of color are in the workplace; corporate downsizing and the heavy use of temporary workers are serving the bonds of loyalty that historically tied many employees to their employers; and global competition is requiring employees to become more flexible and to learn to cope with rapid change. The war on terror has brought to the forefront the challenges of working with and managing people during uncertain times. (Robbins & Judge, p. 16, 2009) There are numerous factors that determine one’s job satisfaction and in some instances, defining one’s satisfaction may vary across the board depending on the employee’s characteristics. The theory that satisfied employees are more productive than dissatisfied employees has been a basic tenant among managers for years, however, research has begun to support this theory. In the event that an employee is dissatisfied with their job, they hold negative feelings against the organization, which is evaluated

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