Organizational Behavior And Organisational Behavior

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Nowadays with the new millennium speeding towards us and competitive advantage more rapidly than ever, organisational behavior is one of the most direct relevance study for deeper understanding of management context. Indeed, it’s about how people organised and managed at work, which contains the study of leadership, motivation and organisational design to examine human behaviour in relation to various psychological, social and political conditions. The purpose of study this subject from regulatory perspective is to examine what happens in company and suggesting minor change. From radical perspective, judgment is made on the way organisation should be and suggest recommendation on how to achieve it. An organisational culture is exist in every company to make them institutionalised and distinct them with each other. (Robbins and Millett, 2004) A company that I work in during the four months holidays after the SPM examination has their own organisational culture, though they are not a big multinational company. Learning culture is the type of organisational culture I found in my working place. It was an insurance company, Tokyo marine life. I worked as assistant there, since I’m still new, my manager gave me some briefing on the guideline in work, regarding the goal of company, the importance of learning attitude at work and productivity in work. Everyone in the organisation is keen to learn. Managers and supervisors are demanding and monitoring us from time to time. Of
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