Organizational Behavior And The Social Sciences

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After 7 weeks of Organizational Behavior class, I have learned many factors that influence an individual to make a workplace more exciting and effective. This class is more than a subject for me as it helped me to experience the different views of my peers. There is no doubt that, this subject is an eye opener for me that gives value to my work ethics and understandings. Before beginning to learn the subject, there were so many unknown factors that required clarifications in my work life. An in-depth analysis in this subject helped me to gain a thorough understanding of different areas like leadership qualities, cultural difference in workplace, power and politics in an organization, etc. Every individual has their own needs, interests and goals in an organization but achieving these elements are always a challenge to them. And I believe that, knowledge in Organizational Behavior is a great tool that can be used to reach that goal.
Organizational behavior is the part of the social sciences. It seeks a comprehensive understanding of how individuals, groups and organizations function as well as the cause and effects of their functions with a view to improve their effectiveness and well-being. (Sinha, J, 2008). From what I have learned, leadership is one of the main qualities that every individual has to develop in their personal and career life. I started my career as a mechanical engineer in 2014 with less knowledge in these qualities. And without any surprise I quit my…
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