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Organizational Behavior around the World: Japan Jonathan Andrew Hughett East Tennessee State University Organizational Behavior around the World: Japan If one is to study organizational behavior among all nations in the world, he or she would find some similarities and many differences between countries and cultures. While it is relatively easy for an American to understand American organizational behavior, it may be difficult to understand other cultures and business norms. Japan shares some similarities to America in the business environment, but there are some key differences between the two. American organizational structure cannot be used to perfectly fit in Japanese companies, nor can Japanese management styles be imposed on…show more content…
If there is a major mistake to take place, the manager is the one who often takes the blame. Likewise, if the department does well during a particular quarter or performs well on a major project, the manager will most likely receive most of the praise (Japanese & American Management Styles., n.d.). Japanese Leadership Japanese leadership differs from the United States mostly because it is more of a collectivistic society than the United States. While more individualistic than other Asian countries, Japanese businesses often show characteristics of collectivism when compared to their American counter-parts. They tend to be very loyal to their company, and managers work very closely with their employees to get goals accomplished. Employees are invited to be involved with the decision making process and are expected to help improve the company in any way they can. Unlike the United States, Japanese managers are more likely to have faith in their subordinates to take initiative and lead themselves. Each member of a group is expected to pull their weight and contribute to help meet deadlines. Therefore, the group is likely to get rewarded or punished based on performance, rather than a single individual. Mangers from other nations running companies in Japan should be made aware of the collectivism the employees will most likely have in order to limit conflict in interests (What about Japan?, n.d.) Business

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