Organizational Behavior As A Multidisciplinary Field

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Are organizational behavior (OB) concepts portrayed in popular media, such as television, film, literature, music, and even cartoons? Are depictions of OB so commonplace that people are not aware that what they are viewing, hearing and reading about are behaviors that working people experience every day? The academic study of human behavior in organizational settings is known as organizational behavior, and its major focus is to provide applied research findings to organizations looking for ways to motivate, collaborate with and lead employees to enhance their performance and ultimately successfully accomplish organizational goals. Organizational behavior is a multidisciplinary field that includes several social sciences: psychology,…show more content…
The use of scientific methods to test generalizations at the three levels of organizational behavior mentioned above – individual, group and organization - produces results that can be applied to real life issues and problems in organizations. This practical research offers managers and organizations evidence-based strategies and solutions to successfully navigate the many challenges organizations experience. To begin looking at how organizational behavior is depicted in popular media, television series are an excellent place to start. Many situation comedies have been built around the workplace such as, most recently, The Office, a documentary-style comedy revolving around the antics of the employees of a Pennsylvania paper mill. The show ran from 2005 – 2013 and included organizational behavior such as unethical leadership, dysfunctional management, diversity, poor communication and organizational culture. Far from corporate norms, Martin, was another very popular comedy that ran from 1992 to 1997, featuring comedian Martin Lawrence as a disc jockey. Many scenes showed the conflict and dysfunction at Martin’s workplace, radio station WZUP, where his boss was shown to be dishonest and cheap. In situation comedies,
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