Organizational Behavior: Best Buy Inc Case Study

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Running Head: ORGANIZATION BEHAVIOR Organizational Behavior Organization Overview Best Buy Inc is a multinational retail company specializing in the consumer electronics, mobile phones and computing products. The company operates the retail stores and conducts online retail operations under variety of brand names such as,, and Best Buy was incorporated in 1966 and the company sells wide varieties of computer electronics, mobile phone products, appliances, entertainment products and other related services. The company also offers varieties of high quality mobile phones at its mobile phone warehouse store. Best Buy started its expansion when the company acquired Magnolia Hi-Fi, Inc in 2001, and in 2003, the company acquired Geek Squad Inc to provide technology support for customer. In 2007, Best Buy acquired Bath Centers, Inc and California-based Pacific Sales Kitchen. (Best Buy, 2012). To create more value for customer, Best Buy established its international segment in 2002 when the company acquired Future Shop Ltd, the Canada's largest consumer and electronic retailer. Since 2002, Best Buy has been operating dual brands in Canada and offers customer distinctive shopping experience. In 2007, Best Buy acquired 75% of Jiangsu Five Star Appliance Co, which was the largest appliance and consumer electronics retailers in China, and the company acquired remaining 25% in 2009. In Europe, the company acquired 50% of the shares of Best
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