Organizational Behavior Case : Out With The Old Essay

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Anderson Corporation started in 1962 as a small consumer product’s company has been enjoying great success and profitability from the sales of its products that it has expanded rapidly. The success of the business has led its founders and management into neglecting the sales and marketing department through its motto and culture of “WE DON’T SELL OUR PRODUCTS. WE ALLOCATE THEM” and as a result the company has started to face a major setback through losses of millions of dollars in the last 3 years.
Mary Hartmann who is the new head of the Marketing division has identified the following problems
 Lack of attention on the marketing side of the business
 Lack of an effective sales force
 Lack of improvement in product quality.
 Excess staff in the operations department.

Mary believes that CHANGE is necessary so as to regain Anderson Corporations former glory and is concerned on what effect the change will have on the employees of the company and its overall operations.
1. What is wrong with the old organizational culture? What needs to be done to change it?
Slow reaction to external changes thereby taking a reactive role in the process. This eventually wastes time and resources, therefore the Anderson Corporation lacks flexibility and adaptability.
Lack of stability within the organization, meaning it lacks focus which will eventually lead to poor business operations and low returns.
The structure
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