Organizational Behavior Comparison Between JPMorgan and Morgan Stanley

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Organizational Behavior Morgan Stanley is a multinational financial service corporation in America. It operates in 42 countries having more than 1300 offices and about 60,000 employees. Being a broad and diversified business it provides all kinds of financial support and services in the major markets of the world. JP Morgan Chase & Co is a multinational banking corporation of investment, security as well as retrial. When it comes to assets it is the largest in the United States. It is a financial holding company that is global and it's also a banking institution that operates globally. It offers services such as investment banking; financial services for small scale businesses and consumers, financial transaction processing, commercial banking, private equity and management of assets. Having looked at both companies and the services they offer a comparison can be made between the two on the basis of personality. Comparison between the two companies At JP Morgan Chase the work done by the employees really matters therefore the personality of the workers matter when it comes to the delivery of quality services to the clients. The entire team is dedicated to putting the resources that the company has as well as their voices to work each day for the company's customers and clients as they serve them on an individual and company basis and anyone that lies in between. Someone working in JP Morgan Chase should be a team player. When in a team the individual should be

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