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Organizational Behavior Final – Disney August 30, 2009 Candice Tharp MGT 245 – Organizational Behavior Organizational Behavior Final – Disney An organization can be defined by its successes and-slash-or its failures, while the behavior of an organization determines its success or failures. Organizational behavior concepts are extremely important when determining the future of any company. Organizations constantly have to compete with one another and by doing so it applies certain concepts to its business to ensure that its organization is profitable and that it is able to provide continuous employment. Therefore, it is vital to the life of the organization that the necessary steps are taken to engrave organizational behavior…show more content…
Therefore, no matter what role an employee plays, whether he, or she, is a cartoon character, or the President of the company, hands-on training is required to make sure that all team-players become familiar with the organizational culture of Disney, and think as one unit. Disney’s organizational culture is where the quality, innovation, and decency of the company meet the customer service output of the employees towards guests(Disney’s Organizational Behavioral Concepts, 2008). The company believes in making sure that families can take a memorable vacation that will be affordable. By doing so, Disney has become one of the largest entertainment organizations that continue to grow bigger daily. The company is now global with resorts and theme-parks in countries such as Japan and France. With the company being so diverse in the global sector, teamwork is highly important for success and President Robert A. Iger makes sure to stress positive group behavior for each department and business unit. Group behavior is extremely important in the Disney Company since teamwork is a part of what has made the company successful over the past 80 years. Employees are encouraged to take innovative risks and be creative while having fun. Employees participating in activities, identifying how to communicate successfully, make decisions, and solve problems seem to
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