Organizational Behavior : Employee Engagement

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Amy Young
Dr. Evelyn Hendrix
Organizational Behavior
7 January 2016
Employee Engagement
Let’s face it; every employee has their own personal reasons for showing up to work every day. They may be supporting a family or buying a home; they may be saving for that trip to Europe. In some cases, they may just be seeking knowledge or experience to add to their resume so they can apply for their dream job in a few months or years. Employers and Human Resource Managers may never know the reasons potential employees apply for jobs in their organizations. For many, a job, any job, is just a way to support their hopes and dreams or current lifestyle situation. They go to work every day for the paycheck and not because they feel a connection to the company paying them. It is the responsibility of Human Resources and management to engage employees. To do this, managers and organizations need to think of their employees as assets – their greatest assets. Employees are the essence of products and services because they develop, deliver and support what customers experience every day (Bersin). Employees are the heart of any organization. Leaders and managers are beginning to understand just how important engaging their employees can be to the bottom line. Finding ways to engage employees can give organizations an advantage over their competitors in the marketplace. Although leaders recognize the importance of engaging employees, not all of them truly understand what
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