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I. TARMAC COMPANY 1.1 Tarmac’s structure Tarmac was originally formed by Edgar Purnell Hooley in 1993 and now being the UK ‘s largest quarrying company and supplier of construction. Tarmac leads on the market of aggregates, ready mixed concrete and asphalt. Its business also include national contracting and Buxton. In process of forming and developing. Tarmac is required to has a clear structure to set up a wealthy business. Base on scenario, Tarmac has set in place an organizational structure that provides clear lines of control, responsibility and communication. Tarmac is organized into three businesses: Tarmac Quarry Materials, Tarmac building Products and Tarmac international. To provide clear of control and responsibilities ,…show more content…
Firstly, Employees engagement take much time and need a very proper detailed plan to achieve. How to motivate people and help them to achieve their potential are difficulty in applying task culture. Secondly, Tarmac face to high cost to apply task culture. Cost for training, team building and coordinating system may prevent the company from setting up their business. Last but not least, leadership is very important in team work. Who are leaders of teams ? How do they make decision ? and how do these decisions are effective. Leadership style is an essential tool to manage and motivate team work in task culture. 1.3 Relationship between structure and culture of Tarmac and their effects on business performance Organizational culture can draw a big image of a company, the size, performance and all relevant elements while organizational structure show the order and basis of this image. The picture of Tarmac is a number of teams which contain enthusiast and skillful people. Each of them engage with a suitable task and try to stand in higher place to achieve their own goal. Furthermore, all teams focus on a point which is Tarmac’s vision. If we consider about the structure, we can see that there are a chain from teams, operators, supervisors and managers. One chain is representative for a particular division and group of divisions create a SBU. There is a relationship between structure, culture to business performance. In Tarmac.

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