Organizational Behavior

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What are the factors which determine an organizational culture? Culture represents the beliefs, ideologies, policies, practices of an organization. It gives the employees a sense of direction and also controls the way they behave with each other. The work culture brings all the employees on a common platform and unites them at the workplace. There are several factors which affect the organization culture: ▪ The first and the foremost factor affecting culture is the individual working with the organization. The employees in their own way contribute to the culture of the workplace. The attitudes, mentalities, interests, perception and even the thought process of the employees affect the organization culture. Example -…show more content…
Mission statements vary from pithy (Chrysler 's old "Quality is Job One") to statements that go on for pages. The mission statement addresses why the organization exists in the first place. Your organization probably has a mission statement. Your division, department, or office may have a separate one as well. Covey even suggests that families and individuals come up with their own. If the mission statement is a spiritual photo that captures the soul of an organization, the organizational structure chart is an x-ray of its body. An organizational structure is the most obvious indication of how an organization approaches business in general and projects in particular. The focus here is roles and responsibilities. This structure is generally laid out in great detail in the organizational chart. These structures can be classified into three general types: Functional Project Matrix In a functional structure, GIS analysts may report to an Information Technology manager or vice president who would report to the Chief Information Officer (CIO) or Chief Executive Officer (CEO). In a project structure, GIS analysts may report to the GIS program manager or project manager who reports to the CIO or CEO. In a matrix structure, GIS analysts may report to both an IT manager and a GIS program manager, depending on his or her roles and responsibilities. Of course, depending on the hierarchical structure of the
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