Organizational Behavior & Leadership Essay

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5 Bases of Power

The five bases of power were developed by two social psychologist J. P R. French and. B Raven, which reflects the resources that power holders use to recognize how their relationship with others are derived. These types of powers are expert, referent, reward, legitimate, and coercive power. Employee 1 has worked in the marketing department of Corporation A for 12 years. The marketing departments, employees who earn a superior rating on their yearly performance evaluation receive a large bonus at the end of the year. Employee 1 demonstrates the power of reward being utilized in this given scenario. The reward powers rest on the manager’s capability of providing recognition by
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Legitimate power can be arguable included as one of the powers present from the management. Since this employee was not with the company but a short period of time and was promoted due to the positive influence. The corporation shows that they determine who is promoted or put in lead positions within the company. Example 1 and 2 are examples of dependency and power created in the workforce. Example 1 displayed drive to work hard in order to receive the cash reward that would be provided. Due to the point that Example 1 did not have enough money to fund the vacation without the bonus, it behooved them to continue the constant effort for superior rating. Example one had the dependency and the corporation had the power. In Example 3 showed that the company had the dependency in this module. The company relied solely on Example 3 to accomplish the task of preparing the company’s financial statements. Example 3 posses the knowledge and in return has the power in this situation, which is the reason that this member can make their own schedule. All three passages provided examples of how a specific power is used to accomplish an organizations task using various personal tactics. Everyone does not utilize the same skills and have to rely on the skills that work for that individual and group. Knowing your own abilities is the
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