Organizational Behavior Module: Sharon Hilton's Case Study

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Organizational Behavior Module THE CASE: Sharon Hilton's job turning happily hoped successful interview months earlier Identify and justify three key OB issues in this case First, there is an issue with the grouping together of many individuals with varying academic qualifications, high qualifications, skills, and experience. All these workers are working under a less qualified Hilton. As a result, there is questioning and failed satisfaction over the performance of Hilton in the unit resulting in subdued motivation among the employees. Second, there is an issue with team togetherness in that the workers are not accorded the respect and the chance to have their own leader within any given unit. This makes it difficult to have appropriate communication between the workers and the leader of the group. As such, the objectives of the company's production strategies are not being met. The aspect of organizational leadership is another issue that is raised in the case study. It is pointed out that she came to manage the company with little experience while the person she was expected to with was some old man. Her leadership skills are irrelevant at some point because she leads some team of researchers and pharmacists, yet she does not have experience in this field. Relevant organizational behavior theory in these issues The issues above are relevant to the analysis and exemplification using the systems theory of organizational behavior. This theory is quite

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