Organizational Behavior : Motivation, Values, Relationships, And Individual Goals

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Throughout the decades, organizational Behaviour has played a very important role in the organization’s success. It is a diagnostic study that focuses on teams, motivation, values, relationships and individual goals. As society has been rapidly changing, organizations have had to adapt its own culture for its survival. I believe understanding organizational behaviour has helped a lot of companies to stay successful in their respective market and helped them to evolve the way they approach and treat their employees. As an organization, realizing the employees are integral to the success of the company as well as communicating the success they achieved will help the organization to build employee’s motivation, and loyalty which have a positive impact on both employees and organization. A lot of research has been invested to increasing productivity in the work place, and they have very similar discoveries on how to influence employee performance. The employee’s performance is not just about their own performance; it affects team’s performance, and furthermore, leads to the organization’s performance. Therefore, realizing how a manager can empower his employees to increase their productivity through stimulating motivation is very important for organizational success. In addition, it is important to fully understand the self-fulfilling prophecy process as a manager, in order to influence the employee’s positive performance which will lead to organizational success. It is no…
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