Organizational Behavior Of Adidas

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This paper defines the findings of the research about Adidas Group and its applicability to organizational behavior. It contains key information about the company, and identifies two relevant issues with the goal of developing a thorough understanding of Adidas Group. Company History Athlete Adi Dassler founded Adidas, and was inspired to create the best sporting equipment for athletes (Adidas Group, 2017). In 1924, Dassler registered “Gerbruder Dassler Schuhfabrik”, which he operated with his brother, to manufacture sports shoes (Adidas Group, 2017). However, he and his brother would start their own businesses, and Adidas was incorporated in 1949 (Bureau van Dijk, n.d.) by Adi Dassler, while his brother, Rudolf Dassler, would form a rival company known today as Puma. Adidas Group’s headquarters is located in Herzogenaurach, Germany (Bureau van Dijk, n.d.). Soon after Adidas was registered, so was the brand’s iconic three stripe shoe design (Adidas Group, 2017). Adidas’ success through the following decades can be attributed to Dassler’s skill of listening to what athletes needed, which allowed him to expand into several sports. An important turning point the company encountered was when CEO Robert Louis-Dreyfus prevented the company from bankruptcy in 1993 after Dassler’s son’s death, marking the end of the Dassler family’s involvement with the company (Adidas Group, 2017). Currently, Adidas is comprised of three main brands: Adidas, TaylorMade- Adidas Golf, and

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