Organizational Behavior Of Ritz Carlton

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According to (JANICIJEVIC, 2013), “Organisational culture is an intrinsic factor of organisational behaviour, in as much as it directs the way people behave in an organization by operating from within and by determining assumptions, values, norms, and attitudes according to which organisation members guide themselves in everyday actions in the organisation. On the other hand, organisational structure is an extrinsic factor which influences people’s behaviour from the outside, through formal limitations set by division of labour, authority distribution, grouping of units, and coordination.” Therefore one’s behaviour in an organisation is the result of the impact of its culture and structure, as well as the influence of other factors.

Organisational culture emerges by imposing a set of assumptions and values, it creates a frame of reference for the perceptions, interpretations, and actions of the organisation’s members (Schein, 2004). In this way it influences all the processes that take place in an organization and its performance. Organisational culture influences the dominant leadership style, organisational learning and knowledge management, company strategy, and also the preferred style of changing the management, employee reward system, commitment, and
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Their behaviour can be affected by both innate and environmental factors. In the case of Ritz Carlton, many of these factors come into play and can influence the behaviour of the individual workers. One of these is personality, which will invariably be different from person to person. The personalities will differ according to their backgrounds, temperaments and skills. Another is the racial backgrounds of different people, which will play a part in determining their values and way of thinking. As there are individuals of different racial backgrounds in a hotel like Ritz Carlton, this will be highly

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