Organizational Behavior Of The United States Marine Corps

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According to Bauer and Erdogan, organizational behavior is the “systematic study and application of knowledge about how individuals and groups act within the organizations where they work” (2014). With the large amount of detail that goes into organizational behavior, there is no better example of how dynamic it can be than the United States Marine Corps. Rich in its tradition and history, the United States Marine Corps has a robust structure, very unique culture, and a fervent passion that is almost indescribable as words will only fail to articulate what it means to be a Marine. This inevitable failure of an attempt will begin anyways, but in the hopes that some learning will occur, as we study what is the organizational behavior of the United States Marine Corps. The Marine Corps is not just an organization but instead it is a mindset, a spirit if you will, that extends far beyond the combat elements or even the individual marine. Even though the rich Marine Corps history is quite fascinating and full of notoriety, if there is but one way to best describe the organizational heart and soul, it would be Esprit D’ Corps. Although somewhat literal in meaning, the “spirit of the Corps” is densely packed with passionate brotherhood, comradery, and long-suffering sacrifice. Many have joked that the Marine Corps is not a military branch but that it is instead a cult. In all honesty, it would be best attributed to Esprit D’ Corps that it is actually an unquenchable desire to

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