Organizational Behavior

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Organizational Behavior Discussion Posting 4 Boubacary Sogoba Spring 2013 Instructor: Sukumar C. Debnath Application of job characteristics theory in course analysis Part A: Analysis of a course with high motivation My motivation in one my course during my academic process was very high. I assign 98 out of 100 score to myself. This course required a previous knowledge in some of business courses in general and finances in particular. The course was a face to face class, but it was a requirement to take a pre-requisite class before being able to register for this particular class for different reasons. Student’s performances in class sometimes depend on different major…show more content…
We were also receiving an extra bonus points every times you do really well in one the assignment. This was a mean to communicate or symbolize students’ accomplishment. Part B: Analysis of a course providing low motivation I have never been as un-motivated as my first semester at graduate school. This lack of motivation was due to one of my class that I have to take at my first semester. My level of motivation was as low as 40 out of 100. This management class was a face to face class and we had to meet once every week. My low level of motivation was due to many factors. Some of them were related to the course design itself and others to my personal perception and belief. Task variety: The primary concern was the lack of challenge in this particular class. We almost spend all the semester talking about different things that don’t have nothing to do with the subject itself. There was not weekly assignment or case study related to the real world in order to enhance student’s motivation. The instructor himself was not as engaged as he should be in teaching this class. There was no power point presentation in that class to highlight important points. This management class should have been designed to include tasks and activities that requires range of skills important in practical life such oral presentation and formal business writing,

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