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Organizational Behavior Organizational behavior: Organizational behavior refers to the attitudes and behavior of the individuals in the organization. Organizational behavior is a inter-disciplinary field of study that draws from many of the behavioral sciences. The goal of organizational behavior is to apply the concepts from the other behavioral sciences to pressing problems that management may be facing, as well as applying organizational behavior to the administrative theory and practices. With the problems of organizational behavior, there are a number of available strategies that can be utilized. In the past, the study of the organizations and the management used a closed-systems view. The purpose of this view was to…show more content…
Organization culture can also be characterized using the three levels of organizational culture. (Schein 1988) The first and most visible level is behavior and artifacts. This is the observable level of culture, and consists of the behavior patterns and outward manifestations of culture. Artifacts and behaviors can describe what a group is doing, but not explain the why. The next level of organizational culture is values. A companies values define and to a larger extent determine behaviors. The values are not as directly observable, as behaviors are. There may be a difference between the stated and the operating values. People will attribute their behavior to the stated values of the organization. And finally the last level of organizational culture is assumptions and beliefs. To really understand culture, we have to get to down to the deepest level, the level of assumptions and beliefs. The underlying assumptions grow out of values, until they are taken for granted and have dropped out of awareness. Diversity: Most people would agree that diversity in the workplace utilizes our country's skills to the fullest, and contributes to our overall growth and prosperity of the organization. The reality of the situation is that it hasn't taken full effect and the progress remains slow. One of the reasons for the lack of organizational growth has been the lack of diversity in

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