Organizational Behavior: Personality Trait of Extraversion and Sales

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1.0 EXECUTIVE SUMMARY Managing and enhancing the work behavior and pattern in an Organization is one very important attribute of Organizational Behavior. This is why global small and large businesses today adapts to the improvement of work pattern and invest more into innovation in order to achieve their Organizational goals. The introduction and adaptation of the internet to the world as till today not reached is maximum potential has it has become a rare and most useful tool in the social, business environment. Large and growing businesses today have choses to use this medium has a useful tool executing ad improving work. They have also engaged in various methods to achieve a level of positive potential in reaching individuals and interested parties. The purpose of this assignment is to analyze the Organizational Behavior in the aspect the personality trait of extraversion and sales. Study how they perform their tasks and experiment ways to improve the way tasks are being performed and present to them a solution which is the creation of the company personal e-commerce system that will solve a real issue in the company of choice as related to F.W. Taylor principle of codifying new methods of performing tasks into written rules and standard operating systems. Since 1994 till date e-commerce became a possibility has it is one of the most prominent ways the internet has changed out lives for the better. Users and employees has security issues at the early years until Mozilla
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