Organizational Behavior, Science, The Real World And You

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This paper reflects upon the ideas and themes of the first four chapters of the book: Organizational behavior, Science, the real world and you. It takes us step by step through the conceptual ideas of each chapter and how these concepts are applicable in the real world. The first chapter introduces us to the basics of organizational behavior and the challenges that individuals face in today’s competitive world. An organization is an integration of people, structure and technology to meet an objective. Every organization consists of formal and informal elements. Formal elements include aims, objectives, products and services, whereas informal elements include the range of emotions related to the business. For this integration to work smoothly, organizational behavior is a key. So, what exactly is organizational behavior? It is the way in which an individual or a group behaves within an organization. Personality, decision-making, personal networks, and ethics form the core of organizational behavior. For any person in the work field today, overcoming change is a big challenge. These changes do impact individual behavior. They can be turned into opportunities by being optimistic, having positive framework, listening actively and asking questions. CEOs of several national and multinational companies like Google, Microsoft and Tesla face challenges that are driven by global competition and demand. It is this competition, which encourages companies to sustain, compete and
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