Organizational Behavior Seemed Irrelevant To Me, In Fact,

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Organizational behavior seemed irrelevant to me, in fact, I likened it to office politics where those who “played ball” were the ones that were more likely to succeed. While that may be true, to a certain extent, organizational behavior is a way of understanding people and their personalities and using that information to make connections; My perception has changed from it being something negative to a positive skill set. It is a useful tool to gain insight into my own behavioral patterns while juxtaposing my personality traits with that of my co-workers to see how I can become a better co-worker, employee, and leader. In taking the Myers-Briggs Personality Test for the second time in three years my relational style has not changed. I…show more content…
The following are figures: As an ENFJ, my primary mode of living is externally focused so much so that I deal with things according to how I feel about them, or fit into my personal value system (Keirsey, p. 18). This aspect is evident to others as I hold the Christian worldview aligning everything to biblical standards. Dr. Fischer further explains the importance of recognizing that our view on organizational behavior and on life itself is influenced by our worldview, which is, “an intellectual, emotional, and spiritual framework by which every person views reality, makes sense of life, and applies meaning to everything (Fischer, 2009). E-Extraverted Extraverts are the equivalent of a “D” personality type on the DiSC graph: “D” Control Specialists– Dominance shapes the environment by overcoming opposition to accomplish results. Priorities include: task and results; motivated by challenges; appears to be direct and self-assured and fears being taken advantage of (DISC Profiles, 2014). It would be to my advantage as a “D” type to “Opt Out” of my need to win when it comes to relationships. This aspect of my personality is both a strength and weakness in my work life. I am known as the “go-to girl” for all difficult tasks. A couple of months ago, our Vice President of Human Resources was walking around introducing the new President of our location in Europe, when she got to my

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