Organizational Behavior That Affect The Organization And Employee Performance

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Organisation behaviour
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The current report focuses on the organizational behaviour that affect the organization and employee performance. Organizational behaviour is one of the segments existing in the business process, which is certain to change. It can be added that study of organizational behaviour relates to the desired behaviour of an individual in the organization. Organizational behaviour consists of people, approach, technology, work culture and other significant elements. The current report focuses on some potential factors that could largely influence organizational productivity and employee performance. In order to analyse the factor, the existing scenario of XYZ Consultants has been considered. The report provides an outcome based on which further organizational change can be implemented.
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Introduction 3
Q1. Applying the engagement theory to identify motivational factors linking with the case study 4
Q2. Organizational Justice and equity theory of motivation and discussing these two terms 5
Q3. Recommending the changes to increase motivation of the employees and enhance their performance 7
Conclusion 7
Reference list: 8 Introduction
Organizational behaviour is one of the significant aspects that influence the business performance. Organizations are nothing but social systems. It is necessary for an individuals to understand how the organizations run the
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