Organizational Behavior : The Department Of Human Resource And Management

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Organizational Behavior
Today public sector is surrounded by people differences, thus an employee’s ideas and ideals may differ from the organization mission. Therefore an organization advance and productivity need strategies that accommodate people diversity characteristics. The department of human resource and management makes plan to deal with diversity. Diversity issues involves individual characteristics, an individual primary characteristic refers to individuals biological traits such as gender, race, sexual orientations and others. Secondary characteristics are factors that may be changed such as religion, educational background, and income and so on. Others diversity issues cover ethnicity/nationality, physical features, religion, culture, and language. When it comes to diversity in my work place, we have a variety of multicultural races and culture that enrich our work environment and the services we provide. The agency
Diversity is a “set of innate and social characteristics that differentiate and link individuals and groups”. Race mixture categories are race and ethnicity; gender/sex; sexual orientation; religion; culture and language; class, equity and welfare. Thus, a management has to be open mind and flexible; these qualities are extremely important in the workplace. A leader has the abilities of hiring the right people for specific jobs, they are responsible to build up commitment and fidelity to the organization; they provide learning and refueling activates
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