Organizational Behavior and Communication Essay

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Organizational Behavior and Communication
COM 530 Organizational Behavior and Communication in the Walt Disney Company This paper focuses on the organizational behavior and communication within the Walt Disney Company. This piece contains a discussion on The Disney Company’s philosophy, mission statement, vision statement and values and its affect on organizational behavior and communication. The Disney Company is an international organization in which communication role plays an important part in the organizations’ perception and organizational culture. The Company supports its values through its actions and communications among and within cast members (employees) as well as the general public.
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Instead of listening, assimilating and communicating with the French people and their culture, The Disney Company dictated how the park would be set-up, prices to charge and create another “America” in France. According to France, everything had to be “the Disney way” and the French and their culture were pushed aside adding to a hostile environment (Spencer, 1995). The Company should have formed a group with French and American members to work out conflicts because the opinions of the members create discussions establishing an improved detailed method rather than a singular perspective (Jehn and Mannix, 2001).
To improve communication with and among groups, The Company should follow the methods of recently acquired Pixar Company. The people at Pixar have the freedom to communicate with anyone in a “safe” environment to offer ideas and criticism with explanations from anyone at any level in the organization. The leadership at Pixar explains that creativity is behind the company’s success and having an open communication format is the basis of the company culture (Catmull, 2008).
Disney’s espoused values align with its enacted values. The Disney Company focuses on the customer and their experiences and even created a new term called “guestology” (Innovation value). The term applies to the importance Disney puts on understanding their customers. Disney measures the amount of time a customer has to wait, the number of acceptable drops on
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