Organizational Behavior and Leadership Essay

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The success of a corporation has been traditionally tied to how well the managers execute the roles of leading, planning and controlling. One of the key components of the controlling aspect of management is the evaluation of the people that they are managing. The function of this process involves monitoring performance goals and has management taking corrective actions when necessary. Performance evaluations can be described as the measurement of the performance of an employee related to defined measures, using an applicable performance goals and appropriate criteria that relates to the employees work in question. This paper will review the engineer’s evaluation in the given case study. There are three points of concern with the plant…show more content…
Businesses should employ evaluation criteria in their evaluation processes, which are common across all performance goals, in order to reduce real or perceived bias in the employee evaluation process. Four areas that the criteria should include are employee’s impact on the performance goals, skill set, work ethic and professional development. The first set of criteria would relate directly to individual's impact to the vision and objectives of the company. The plant manager should be as specific as possible to help quantify the engineers’ contributions. The second set should be measures concerning a variety employee skill sets such as technical ability, communication, documentation, problem-solving, and adherence to the company’s philosophy. Identifying the engineer’s strengths and weaknesses on diverse skill set criteria will help the engineer gain a wider understanding of his performance overall. The third set of criteria concerns itself with an employee’s work ethic. Work ethic criteria include the amount of work missed, lateness arriving for a job, how well the employee is motivated, positive communication with peers and management, and how well the employee interacts with co-workers and management. The final set of criteria includes a how much an employee is committed to furthering their knowledge and expertise of their given profession. Organizations look positively on employees that strive for greater expertise in their given professions. Managers
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