Organizational Behavior and Leadership Style

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Organizational Behavior and Leadership Style Abstract: This paper examines the leadership position I would occupy in the fictional Commerzbank and details the leadership style I would take on as their VP of Development. As VP, I would emphasize a transformational leadership style, as that style would encourage my members of staff and the company at large to evolve to their highest potential. I would also encourage an atmosphere of transparency for the good of the company at large. I would also incorporate emotionally intelligent leadership, so as to foster an environment of acceptance and teamwork. These factors would no doubt bolster the development of the company, driving it into the next century. If I were working for a company such as Commerzbank AG and were able to select the position that I felt best suited me, I would select the job as VP of development. Such a position would give me more power and autonomy than a manager, but would still allow me to oversee and supervise the members of staff in my department as managers do. The biggest draw of this position would be its ability to direct the company towards innovation and expansion. Just as Steve jobs and his think tank of engineers were able to make Apple into one of the most creative, profitable and desirable companies that this century has ever known, a strong VP who's prepared to take risks and think in a distinct and original way, will be able to push the company light-years forward just as Steve Jobs did
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