Organizational Behavior in Health Care Management

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Organizational Behavior in Health Care Management Name Institution Date Abstract This paper seeks to look into organizational behavior in health care management and most importantly its impact on health care management and delivery. Organization behavior is crucial in guiding the regulatory activities, the staff activities and the overall culture that directs an organization. Organizational behavior in health care setting is paramount to ensuring patient safety, ethical behavior among the medical practitioners, patient-centered care and effecting change in the facilities which is bound to improve healthcare delivery and patients’ satisfaction. The strategic management of any health…show more content…
The different segments within the sector such as hospitals, home health rehabilitation services among other patient care facilities employ qualifies personnel to attend the needs of the patients at different capacities. Therefore, the managers in the health care need to possess skills and knowledge concerning the integration of change in the right manner and similarly, possess effective interpersonal skills, communication ability, and competent leadership skills to guide and direct diverse groups of individuals towards the achievement of a common organizational goal. Literature Review The health care industry is one of the most dynamic and delicate industries in the U.S. having experienced healthy and substantial changes for the last thirty years most of which have aimed to improve health care management and services delivery to the patients. The changes have enabled the integration of technology into the industry such as in the area of informatics, science and research and payment services and clinical treatments. The health care sector has introduced various changes to address disease and health care management such as the Modernization Act of 2003, the Patient Protection Act and Affordable Act, which aim at improving health provision and most
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