Organizational Behavior in the Workplace Essays

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Organizational Behavior Research Paper

Organizational Behavior
December 8, 2005

Identification and definition of the problem. My workplace environment at one time was a pleasant place to be. All the employees got along and worked together very well. We were a team and like to help each other out when one was in need. It was like clock work. We would go to work wanting to be there to do our jobs because we all knew we would have fun throughout the day while we were working. Then a new manager or I will call him my supervisor joined the team. It was not planned, we knew our store needed some help but the employees did not know for definite when we would be getting a new supervisor. The first day was like any usual first day.
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I should not feel miserable when I work with this man and neither should anyone else. This supervisor has been confronted on more that one occasion. The general manager also had a discussion with him about his attitude and behavior toward the employees. It does help for about a week, but then he as slipped right back into his usual ways. With the help of the entire employee staff, I hope to address this issue to the general manager. Hopefully when he physically sees the amount of his employees unhappy with this supervisor, it will make this a big enough issue to try and fix. Small talk in the manager's office has proved only temporary toward this supervisors attitude and behavior. I hope for a positive outcome from this issue being addressed. I would not want my supervisor to lash out against us worse than he already does because we are bringing up the issue again. I hope it goes surprisingly well, because it could go very badly.
Your description of the intervention strategy you would use to fix the problem If it were up to me to fix this problem I would talk to the supervisor in private to make him aware of the situation and how serious it has become. I will inform him that if he continues to act with this aggressive behavior toward the employees it would result in his termination. I would not beat around the bush, I would have him be fully aware of the situation and give him the option to talk to me in private of his
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